How do you build your self esteem?

Have you ever wondered why you may be in a company where an individual who is not so intelligent or witty always seems to be steps ahead of others even at the work place? The little secret ingredient is something known as a high self esteem. Ever wondered how that seemingly sloppy guy always seemed to have a way with girls at high school? He had something that attracted the ladies to him, and that is self confidence. Instead of getting ticked off by this, maybe it is time to build your self esteem as well.

Self esteem within us:

Many people find that someone who has a high self esteem is very attractive, and always makes for good company. You may not know this, but self esteem is available for each and every one of us. Recent studies have indicated that in many scenarios, we tend to think of ourselves more highly than the people that are around us. This happens in virtually every aspect of our lives, whether you are looking at how industrious you are, how friendly you are, even how less judgmental you tend to be. So, how do you go around this and work to get better self esteem? To put it in simple terms, use the very same tips that confident people use.

The first thing that confident people do is to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. As an individual, you have to be well aware of the areas in which you shine, as well as those where you need to put in more effort. How do you determine what these areas are? A perfect guide would be to look at the honest evaluations of family and friends who have been with you for a long time as they are in a position to give great feedback. Sometimes this is not available and individuals are tasked with finding alternative methods to do this. There are a number of psychological techniques available for you so be sure to check out the internet for such services.

Improving our self esteem:

Once you have successfully identified your strengths and weaknesses, the next step in building your self esteem is to find areas in which you can improve your strengths and redefine your weaknesses. To do this, find several areas in which you excel as this will only provide a natural boost to your self confidence levels. This means looking out for opportunities where you can shine, be it at the workplace, at church or at school. This is probably the fastest way to grow. While at it, look for subtle ways to deal with your shortcomings so that they do not hamper your achievements. Lastly, fuel your confidence and re-energize your zeal. We all have days when we are less than enthusiastic about life, but choose not to allow this to dampen your spirits by acknowledging that it is only a phase. Learn how to celebrate your achievements as well. Practice positivity all around you as the environment that you develop will ultimately influence the decisions and progress that you make. Self esteem is all about acknowledging the hero in you, so go for it!

-- Tony B.

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