What does career coaching entail?

Definition of a career coach

A career coach is an individual who seeks to help people improve their careers through various channels, for instance by switching their careers, improving their performance at work, or looking for different jobs. These individuals are experts in their own field since career coaching calls for professionalism. In addition, there are several skills that a career coach must possess. For instance, such a coach must be able to carry out interviews for different individuals as well as offer counseling services. They must also be able to decipher cognitive behaviors that characterize making decisions as pertains to the workplace. At most, these are mature persons, usually with experience in the very same field where they offer career advice.

What are the functions of a career coach?

Once you enroll for ,career coaching services, the first thing such a coach will do is to help you identify and determine your life’s purpose alongside the careers that are aligned to it. In addition, your career coach will also enable you figure out the work values that you hold close. The nearer your job is to these factors, the more content you are likely to be. A career coach will also help you set up plans for your short-term and long-term career goals. These plans ought to make the goals clear and achievable. Lastly, career coaching will assist you to define your job search. This way, you will have with you the required documents as well as the confidence to attend interviews.

Just as it is important to know what a , career coach will assist you with, it is also crucial that clients are aware of some of the things that the coach will NOT do for you. The first thing you need to realize is that a career coach will never make decisions on your behalf. Coaches are only meant to guide you in the right direction by assisting you to comprehend the impact of your actions and decisions. This is a crucial thing because it brings about motivation and also helps one get satisfaction. Secondly, a career coach will most certainly not encourage you blindly. Career coaching is about setting realistic goals with achievable plans to back them up. In this manner, coaches help you strive to be the best that you can be without necessarily changing you. Additional information you need to know about career coaching

• There are various tools that a career coach may use in order to help you carry out a proper assessment. The tools however, have to be verified if they are to remain relevant.
• The frequency of career coaching sessions is determined by an individual’s needs, although many of them typically last for 5 sessions. In spite of this, there are clients who find continuous career coaching quite helpful, with some relationships lasting up to years.
• Following successful career coaching,, you must be able to have clarity as pertains to your career, as well as defined goals at the workplace. Generally, the quality of your life should also improve proportionally.

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