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Leadership Skills

Leadership skills a characteristic that not many of us are endowed with, and that is perfectly okay because a leader has to be able to inspire those who are directly under him, particularly at the work place. Interestingly, there are many people who are leaders but who have not the slightest idea that they have the capabilities. Leadership is manifested on different fronts, but the fundamental similarity lies in an individual’s understanding of how they lead, and the reason they do it. This article highlights 10 integral leadership skills that you must exhibit if you are to be a successful leader.

Do I need a coach?

professional coach

Developing Self Improvement

The need for self improvement has, in recent years, led to the need for people to seek guidance from those who are more experienced in whichever field of life. For many, this leads to the fundamental question; do I need a life coach? To put this in perspective, this article will put across some important factors that you must put into consideration. To start off, the aspect of life , coaching began a little more than a decade ago, and the industry has grown since then. In spite of the phenomenal growth that the field has experienced in recent years, it is interesting to note that a few questions about the field still abound.

Definition of a Career Coach:

A career coach is an individual who seeks to help people improve their careers through various channels, for instance by switching their careers, improving their performance at work, or looking for different jobs. These individuals are experts in their own field since career coaching calls for professionalism. In addition, there are several skills that a career coach must possess. For instance, such a coach must be able to carry out interviews for different individuals as well as offer counseling services.

Functions of a Career Coach

Just as it is important to know what a career coach will assist you with, it is also crucial that clients are aware of some of the things that the coach will NOT do for you.